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About Culture In The Workplace Questionnaire™ (CWQ)

The Culture In The Workplace Questionnaire™ (CWQ) is directly based on Prof. Geert Hofstede’s global research profile, and other country averages. Responses to CWQ help to illuminate attitudes and values and provide a springboard to understanding and enabling discussions on cultural differences and similarities between the individual and other national cultures. The insights are then built upon to create more effective and productive cross-cultural working relationships and teams.

Through the global respondents that have used the CWQ, the data harvested over the years have suggested that the Culture In The Workplace Questionnaire™ is not only an excellent teaching tool but, in addition, generates research results which correlate with Professor Geert Hofstede’s Values Survey Module (VSM). It is thus a unique instrument which is validated and reliable in the field of cross-cultural learning and interventions.